About Me

honeymoon in morocco croppedI’m Thomas Eliot, global nomad and amateur archaeologist. I’ve been traveling with my wife Allison since 2011. We’re both ex-porn stars and have plenty of daring tales to make your mom’s toes curl. Bloomberg Businessweek named me a Guardian of the Apocalypse. I design and publish boardgames for a living. On the road, I’ve outwitted scammers in Egypt, evaded muggers in Amsterdam, fallen through a wooden bridge and lived to tell the tale, battled poisonous fish while SCUBA diving, and had my earrings stolen by monkeys. I’ve climbed ancient temples around the world, and investigated modern ruins on 5 continents. My passion is simple; real exploration in some of the world’s most colourful places. Follow my adventures as I gallivant around the world in search of lost civilisations, abandoned missile silos, and meeting the most interesting people in the world.