Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings

Everywhere is different, and so wherever you are, you have access to something unique. See if you can make some use of it.

For instance, right now I’m living in Berkeley. Have been since January 1st, will until near the end of June. The University of California Berkeley is a world class university that is, as its name would suggest, also in Berkeley. So, can I make use of this resource?

Of course! Now, I’m not officially enrolled there, but seeing as I’ve been touting myself as an amateur archaeologist, I thought I’d approach the faculty and see if they would be amenable to letting me sit in on a class. The professor I talked to was, and so now I’m in his Introduction to Archaeology class, which¬†is not only teaching me a lot, it’s also opening doors to even more¬†opportunities!

As part of the class I’m going to get a special inside peak at the archaeological site at the Presidio in San Francisco, which I will then write up here. I’m also going to see if any of the archaeologists I talk to are willing to answer a few questions, and I may just post an interview of them as well!

What resources are there around you that you aren’t taking advantage of?

Photo is of Edwards Stadium at Cal

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